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 The frequent freeze-thaw cycles in Ontario can wreak havoc on paved spaces, much to the dismay of property owners and managers everywhere. When the markings in your paved space are looking faded or the area has been replaced and needs new markings, you’ll need to choose a pavement marking team. There are dozens of companies that can add pavement markings in the GTA, but only one has the experience, knowledge, equipment, and products required to do the very best job. The finest paving team in the GTA will have your new markings done perfectly the first time, and they’ll even clean up when they’re done.


Quality Work


Most paving companies and linemarking services out there are interested only in the bottom line. The problem with that is that most jobs are completed using the same equipment and products. Just because a surface is hard doesn’t mean that the same paint works equally well everywhere. Quality work isn’t just putting lines where they’re needed, it includes offering products and services that prolong the life of your investment. When you’re shopping around for appropriate linepainters for your paved surfaces, be sure to ask about the products they offer. If they only offer one type of paint and claim that it’s perfect for any surface, you’d be best advised to keep shopping.


Custom Jobs


Let’s face it. Just about anyone can paint a straight line. All a company needs is the right equipment and the right paint for the surface in question. Custom jobs, on the other hand, require a bit more finesse. The most reputable and dependable linepainters in the industry can offer valuable insight into any job. From rounded corners, track and field markings, and even global maps, there’s no job they can’t handle. Most people don’t realize that handicap parking spaces are regulated fairly heavily. Both provincial and municipal regulations exist. When it comes to custom handicap parking spaces, extra care is required. It’s a custom job that only the most experienced teams can help complete within regulations in the GTA, regardless of municipality.




A company that takes pride in their work understands that happy customers are return customers. Better than that, happy customers tell their friends about the great job a team just did on their pavement markings. Any company worth their salt should be able to provide a list of satisfied customers, but you won’t likely need it. From the very first phone call through completion of the job and even site cleanup afterwards, the pride felt by an exceptional team of pavement marking experts will be clear. 

Pavement marking in the GTA can go a long way towards rejuvenating an older lot and can add functionality to a freshly paved space. No matter what kind of markings you’re looking for, it pays to hire the right team. Shopping around doesn’t have to be difficult, just aim for a company that offers a range of products and understands how each functions on a given surface. From there, choose the marking company that shows the most pride in their work. Their confidence in their work will be clear if they back it up with industry leading warranty.


Keeping these little tips in mind will help ensure that your linemarking project in the GTA goes off without a hitch.


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